Carol grew up in East Anglia as a member of a farming family, and the love of the natural world that she developed as a child has grown stronger in her as the years have passed.

Carol’s paintings are not usually direct representations of a scene; they are mostly semi-abstract works that I use as a way of recording the aspect that remains uppermost in my memory. They evoke the sensation of a moment in time in a particular location. For her, they are more 'real' than a photograph.

She walks each day in the countryside around the Suffolk village in which she lives. The familiar fields, woods, paths, animals and birds find their way into the work. Carol watches the light move across the landscape or through the trees, continually changing the colours and the atmosphere.

Carol is fortunate enough to have been working as an artist for more than twenty-five years. She exhibits at galleries around the UK and also undertakes private commissions. Her work has been published as both prints and greetings cards and has appeared in magazines.