Chez is a Visual Artist based in South London; her practice focuses on the creation of vibrant portals to inspire reflection, escapism and the urge to disco.

Chez was named one to watch by Elle Decoration Magazine and has a growing portfolio of public and private commissions. She has exhibited with exciting established galleries such as Milton Keynes Gallery and Blueshop Cottage. Chez was invited to join the Art for Charity Collective in 2021 and her work was featured in Friend of the Artist Volume 14.

She creates enticing, accessible work that embodies the joy in contemplation and wonder that can often be lost in a modern, largely secular society. Her work evokes the sense of fantasy we all crave and explores the positive force of disco and colour as an alternative means of devotion. Chez wants to bring the mystical into the mainstream by navigating the psychedelic with balanced precision and hypnotic colour and shimmer.

With the application of gold leaf detailing in her paintings, Chez is able to bring the transcendental into reality.