Julie-Ann is making a significant impression on the emerging art world. Shortly after graduating in 2015, she won The RSA Guthrie Award and Medal for an outstanding painting by a Scottish artist under 35. She has exhibited regularly since then - being shortlisted for a number of competitions and awards.

Julie Ann Simpson is an artist inspired by the senses, evoking harmonic rhythm, recent memory, absence surrounded by presence, the abstracted forms act as a series of random echoes, with the resultant canvases blurring the mark between a reminiscent dream or the experienced actuality.

‘My work attempts to convey this sensory experience through a synthesis of materials. I often make reference to natural forms or motifs within the environment I am depicting. Colour and pattern are then carefully considered and employed to create an abstraction of this experience; a fleeting memory, an idiosyncratic response. Within my work I aim to take an inner perception and give it physical form, thus bringing a tangible encounter to these imagined places. Constant in my work is the flux between the graphic and the atmospheric, creating within the picture plane a new place wherein the experienced reality and the romanticised perception can coexist.’