Rose Electra Harris (b.1991) is a London-based printmaker and painter. Having completed a degree in printmaking at the University of Brighton in 2015, she now works from her studio in south London.

Harris’s practice centres around the use of colour, form, pattern, and texture, examining the comforts and pleasures of daily life. She finds the everyday fascinating and believes that with the fast pace of modern life, beauty can often be overlooked. She uses my work to elevate the quotidien, bringing objects into sharp focus. In doing so, she hopes to ground people, to evoke memories and to bring joy. A room is an oasis and the things within it are what bring it to life.

Rose reimagines the colourful dialogue that exists between space and furnishings, as interested in the negative space between objects as she is in the objects themselves. She isn’t concerned with portraying objects exactly as they are, but more how they make her feel, making use of a singularly distorted, ever so slightly off-kilter, perspective to do so.