Sarah Manolescue is an observational artist rapidly gaining recognition for her oil paintings produced directly from her chosen subject ‘en plein air’. Her contemporary and honest approach echoes her interest in capturing a moment in time; at once, recording and commenting on modern life.
Sarah travels around the South of England from her home in Surrey (and further afield when the opportunity arises), seeking scenes to capture with emotion and sensitivity. Her early work was studio based and primarily abstract, exploring the influences of the Cubists, however her talent has developed over the years and the natural beauty of the British landscape has dominated Sarah’s subject matter, enticing her from the studio to the outdoors where she paints alla prima (Italian for ‘at once’ – in one session). Her skilled drawing captures the essence of the scene she chooses to explore. Sarah’s passion for life in all things attracts the viewer and allows them to contemplate the enchanting light of the coast, the unrelenting beauty of the countryside through every season, or the intimacy and quiet of a still life.
Sarah has established herself through many private commissions with her work attracting clients worldwide, also exhibiting at open shows with the New English Art Club, the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and Chelsea Art Society. Her eye for detail and the movement of light leaves a powerful, lasting impression of place and time.