Valérie is an oil painter who was born in Belgium and now lives in Bath with her husband, daughter and son.

Valerie is inspired by light, nature and architecture. She has found in the city of Bath and the surrounding countryside a constant source of inspiration. Inspired by the work of the French impressionists, she works predominately outdoors, in all weathers, and has much joy in capturing the beauty of her surroundings resulting in fresh and expressive paintings.

Working ‘En plein air’ encourages spontaneity and allows her to avoid overworking her paintings. It is an instinctive and spontaneous way of painting, reacting to the changing weather and light which often produces unforeseen results. It is all about capturing the "essence" of a place in a few brushstrokes, but making every single one count.

“ Imagine just getting a glimpse of a beautiful place. You might not remember all the details, but you will surely remember the feeling of light and the beauty and richness of the colours. This is what I try to capture with paint: an impression, a glimpse, a feeling of light. I like saying more by saying less, and let the viewer fill in the gaps. In a sense, the painting becomes a collaboration between the artist and the viewer, as I always leave room for the imagination. As the years go by, I thrive to get bolder, freer, always aiming to get closer to the essence of the subject. I want to get rid of anything futile to achieve more simplicity, more truth.”

Valérie is a member of the Bath Society of Artists since 2018. She is exhibiting with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters.