Vanessa studied painting and sculpture for three years at Charles Cecil Studios in Florence. Now she lives and works in west London, working half on commissions and half towards exhibitions. She makes work using a mixture of life sittings and photographs on many subjects, including portraits and conversation pieces, nudes, landscapes in oil, bronze and plaster sculptures, works on paper in charcoal, pen and ink.

The training in the ‘sight-size’ technique learnt in Italy has served as a foundation to build her own approach, which has given way to a much more flexible style and application. She spent time painting and sculpting abroad in Europe, Africa and South America, also a three month long sculpture apprenticeship with the South African sculptor Dylan Lewis in Stellenbosch.
Her most recent solo show ‘And Is it True? It is Not True’ at Rook and Raven Gallery revealed a new direction in her work. The exhibition was a culmination of over four years work and these storytelling paintings reflected on the moral ambiguity and conflict found in children’s literature and how their narratives express timeless truths of human nature.

She is currently working towards an exhibition of life size male nude portraits.
Her portrait of Francesca Hayward, principal dancer at the Royal Ballet, was selected to show at the National Portrait Gallery as a part of the BP Portrait Award 2018.